Your Selling Point

Let’s face it – the labour market is competitive. Really competitive.

No matter what you do, there are probably thousands of other people out there who are doing (or willing to do) essentially the same thing. This is true whether you’re a writer, a designer, a salesperson or a driver.

If you want to be truly successful in your field then you need a selling point. Something that sets you apart from the crowd. A reason for clients or customers to choose you instead of anybody else.

Are you doing it better? Faster? Bigger? Cheaper?

Is your range of products the widest? Do you have your own niche area of focus? Is it easier book a job through you? Do you accept more payment methods? Are you more flexible and willing to go the extra mile?

If you don’t have a selling point then stop what you’re doing and get one. Look at your competitors – what are they doing differently? What is everybody else doing? More importantly – what is nobody doing that there could be a market for?

You may think that spreading your net widest will net the greatest returns. This is true in some cases, however, more often than not specialising is the best strategy. Limiting your scope allows you to focus your efforts on a narrower area and make sure you’re the best in that area. People like experts so make this very clear. Even if other people are doing what you’re doing plus more, you will attract interest by highlighting that you focus solely on one thing. Obviously you don’t want to make your ‘one thing’ so narrow that you exclude too much of the market – sometime the only way to work this out is trial and error.

Make people want you. Instead of begging for work you should be offering your services and making it clear why you’re the best person for the job. Establish your selling point. Take control.


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